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AWS resource-id tag is not available


AWS resource-id tag is not available



I have app and machine agents deployed on an Ubuntu EC2 instance and they are both successfully connected to AppDynamics. The AppDynamics Server has the SIM enabled and is successfully correlation to the APM application.


The problem is that when I go to the details view of the Server and scroll to the bottom I can see some AWS tags like:






however I am missing the AWS|resource-id tag which is listed in the documentation on the table under 'Amazon Web Services':


How can I get the resource-id displayed in AppDynamics?

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AWS resource-id tag is not available

Just to add that I already added a role to the EC2 instance as described in the documentation but it didn't make a change. Also I am using AppDynamics cloud so I don't have access to 'Configuration Options for Server Tagging' but I believe default values are in place for my instance now.


Hi Lyubo


The settings should be on by default, as you are seeing the other ones


If you use one of the servers as an example, how many tags are assigned to the Server?

Also when you query the tags manually, what value are you seeing, that should be populating in AppD? Can you share it here?


i would also just log a call to Support to validate in the backend that the setting is enabled:)

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Hey Mario,


What do you mean by 'Server'? Is it the AWS EC2 instance?

I did check my EC2 instance which I am testing with and I don't have any tags there...

Then I manually added a tag called 'resource-id' and entered the actual instance id:



and now I can see the AWS|resource-id tag in AppDynamics:
image (1).png


So, does this mean that AppDynamics Tags on the AWS server are only the tags which are actually available on the EC2 instance in AWS?

And does it mean that this AWS|resource-id must be added somehow on the EC2 instance by the users in order for it to be visible in AppDynamics?




Yes mean your EC2 instance:)


I have just quickly gone through the AWS docs, and resource-id doesn't look like an actual tag, you use the resource-id to set the tags.


Best would be to log a call to AppD to ask how they are getting that value, as they state so in their docs, otherwise there must be a way to dynamically set the tag by querying the resource id when you create an EC2 instance



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