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Event schema design


I need to create a custom schema. AppD documentation is not very extensive on how to create complex (nested) custom schemas. Or can only flat schemas be created in Appdynamics?

Where can I get documentaiton create event schema examples in AppDynamics?

For example if I have 2 possible breakdowns of error types (string,integer) or (string,integer,string) how should I organize in the json? Like an array of 2 possible solutions - error type 1 and error type 2? or all 5 items, or combine the 2 to have 3 items?


AppDynamics Team

Hi Atul,

I guess you are referencing to analytics here and if yes, you can use our analytics API to create it and  please take a look at the below docs for the same.



Mohammed Rayan

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Thanks for your reply with the documentation link. I have some further questions about this link.


"If the event data doesn't match an event schema, the Events Service makes a best effort attempt to match the data to the schema, and returns a 400 bad request if unsuccessful."

When publishing a custom schema using cURL are all fields required or can some be optional?

2. 'SELECT * FROM myProducts'.

Is the name in  query SELECT... FROM <name> the schema-name?

3. How can custom schema published data be queried using SELECT .. FROM transactions, or can we only use SELECT .. FROM <schema-name>? Basically is the transactions schema a global schema?



- Atul