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Effects of editing app-agent-config.xml to increase analytics-collectors-limit" value




We have a scenario where we see the following error in our agent log files.

ERROR AnalyticsCollectorFactory - Bounds exceeded creating analytics collector. Disabling Analytics Collection


Hence we are planning to edit the app-agent-config.xml to increase analytics-collectors-limit" value from 2200 (default ) to 5000 as show below


<agent-service name="Analytics" enabled="true" minimum-java-version="1.5">
<property name="analytics-collectors-limit" value="5000"/>


We would like to understand if there is any overhead or effects/issues of doing this.



also if no downsides can i just change it to warn instead of stopping the Analytics collection as shown below.


<agent-service name="Analytics" enabled="true" minimum-java-version="1.5">
<property name="analytics-collectors-limit" value="5000,WARN_IF_BOUND_EXCEEDED"/>


Please help with your thoughts.


AppDynamics Team

Hi Ajay,


Yes you can keep this configuration with:

<property name="analytics-collectors-limit" value="5000,WARN_IF_BOUND_EXCEEDED"/>

As it will not stop the analytics collection even if the limit is hit.


Regarding the other part of your query, this property "analytics-collectors-limit" enforces the application to stick to the limit which is set on the number of `AnalyticsCollector` instances that can be created in the Java Agent.  For each BT transaction their needs to be a corresponding `AnalyticsCollector` associated with it which extracts the information analytics needs from the Java Agent.  Normally there’s a shared pool of collectors that get reused but if there are too many concurrent transactions occurring at a time it can exhaust the pool and exceed the limit.  Normally this only happens for highly asynchronous applications.  Increasing the limit just means supporting a bigger pool of `AnalyticsCollector` instances which will cause some increase in heap usage (and possibly GC time) depending on how high the boundary is set. So shouldn't have any side affects if this is set to just warn and not completely stop monitoring.


Hope that clarifies. Do let m eknow in case you have any queries.




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Thank you Chitra.
Appreciate it.