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Community Manager

Senior Engineer Manpreet Singh tells the story of Cisco AppDynamics' open source OpenTelemetry data generator

Our teams needed to be able to conduct functional application monitoring platform testing with simulated data, where each data point could be highly specific in type, quantity, and more.  From these specifics, the Cisco AppDynamics OpenTelemetry data generator was born.

In the Blog's two-part series by Manpreet Singh, read the problem-solving journey: what was considered, and why... as well as how to use the tool, and where to get it. 

Find summaries and links to each part of the series below:


Part 1

A description of the needs that gave rise to the OpenTelemetry data generator's development, with high-level overview.

Part 2

OpenTelemetry data generator development, how to use it, and where to find it