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The growing role of Cisco Cloud Observability in modern business operations, starting with Business Metrics

Hey everyone, we have some exciting news to share!

Our team has been working hard on a new feature — Business Metrics for Cisco Cloud Observability, recently released. 

Want to see how your application performance ties up with your business outcomes? Or simplify your cloud environment? Maybe speed up problem-solving? Business Metrics is designed to help with these and more. 

Gaining insights into Business Metrics helps provide a clear indication of how imperative some business transactions are over others. By knowing which transactions are directly influencing revenue, you can prioritize issues faster. With this new feature, you can also baseline processes to make strategic investment decisions in IT or application development that will improve areas such as customer experience.

Curious about how all this works? We've collected information about this exciting feature and the potential benefits it offers for your IT operations. Read on — and don't forget to share your questions and impressions!



Our General Manager and Senior Vice President Ronak Desai announced Business Metrics at AWS this week. Check out his post on the Cisco blog, Delivering application performance to maximize business KPIs about how this feature will not only greatly enhance business context for applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), but also how it fits into the rapidly changing technical landscape.


Learn about Business Metrics