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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Improve software compliance, accelerate delivery, and gain business-critical insights faster — with Smart Agent for AppDynamics

The intricacies of managing agents across diverse infrastructures, and throughout their lifecycles, can be daunting. But, the solution is here. Cisco AppDynamics has announced the Smart Agent, a revolutionary tool designed to streamline this process. 

To learn more about these topics and how the Smart Agent can revolutionize your agent management, head over to the Manasa HG's blog post: a must-read if you want to focus more on innovation and less on maintenance:

Cisco AppDynamics reimagines
agent lifecycle management with Smart Agent


Key topics Manasa explores in the blog post include:

  • Agent lifecycle management capabilities, from adherence to versioning compliance standards, bolstering upgrade processes at scale, and conserving agent health, agility, and upgrade activities.

  • How it works: Get a step-by-step guide on how to install and register the Smart Agent with the Controller, and how to conduct all agent lifecycle management operations from within the user interface.

  • The Agent management user interface: Explore the new interface that lets you view the inventory of all your existing agents, their status, and much more.

  • A real-world upgrade scenario: Understand how the Smart Agent and central UI controls can help address compliance needs based on a real-world scenario.

  • What’s next: Learn about the upcoming auto-discovery and auto-deploy capabilities that aim to further simplify agent management.


About Manasa HG

Manasa HG.pngManasa is a Product Manager at Cisco AppDynamics who has worked on various AppDynamics Agents, OpenTelemetry, and is currently focused on Agent Management. A product enthusiast, Manasa likes to bring delight to customers by solving their key pain points.