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NET (Agent, Installation)

Unable to see data on Application Dashboard


Unable to see data on Application Dashboard

I am using appdynamics for the first time (trial account). I have created a .NET app in AppDynamics portal and followed the steps as mentioned while creating the application (also check the video).


1. I have also installed the .NET agent on my Laptop.

2. Create sample applications (.NET Core) and hosted in IIS. Generate some load for testing.

3. Agent connection was successful.


Issue: I still cannot see any data/statistics on the application dashboard.


Did I miss anything?




appd-app-dashboard.PNGappd-app-tiers and nodes.PNG


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Unable to see data on Application Dashboard
AppDynamics Team

There are a handful of issues that could be stopping the app from reporting but since it is a .NET Core app in IIS, the first thing to check would be if the app is running In-Process or Out-Of-Process.   I suspect that the web application is running out-of-process and hosted by dotnet.exe process.  If that is the case, you will need to configure the web application as a standalone application.


The following sample configuration demonstrates how to instrument a .NET Core standalone application hosted by the dotnet.exe :


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<appdynamics-agent xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  <controller host="" port="8090" ssl="false">
    <application name="My Business Application" />
  <machine-agent />
        <applications />
        <standalone-application executable="dotnet.exe" command-line="MyApp.dll"> //command-line option instructs the agent to monitor only "MyApp" 
           <tier name="DotNet Core Tier" />


Here is a link to our documentation about setting up standalone applications:


Also, here is a link to the Microsoft docs about the Hosting models for ASP.NET Core if you need help determining what hosting model is set for your application.

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Yes, After .NET Core application, I have tried .NET Framework application. I can see the telemetry of .NET Framework application.


Thanks for your help.