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Multiple instrumented C#.Net applications are not connected on the flowmap


Hello community,


I've instrumented 2 C#.Net programs in an AppDynamics Application.  I've modified the config.xml (attached) and restarted the coordinator service.  Each program is on a different tier. I've create configured instrumentation rules for methods in each program that are good for monitoring.  When I start my applications I can see that the obfuscated agent connects.  I can see the business transactions for my application and they show up on the flow map after generating some load.  What I can't figure out is why the flowmap does not show a connection line between the green bubbles.  I attached some images to help clarify.



I would suggest that you send in some more traffic through you application and then increase the time range while looking at the flowmap.

You should be able to see the communication if the apps indeed communicate with each other.




AppDynamics Team

Hi abantly


We have reviewed the shared details and we do not see the exit call from the upstream application. We have requested some details in the private message we have sent. 


Please provide those details and we will look into possible solution. 

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The apps do talk to each other.  The system was set up so that the client can type and send a message to the server.  The server then sends the same message back to the client.  The ouput sequence is as follows:  Client Sends -> Server Recieves -> Server Sends -> Client Recieves.  This all happens on "localhost" port 8000.