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Microsoft Exchange monitoring


Microsoft Exchange monitoring

Is there a solution to monitor a Microsoft Exchange Server running on a Windows Server 2012 ? I looked through the documentation and the differents blog posts and I couldn't find something about that subject. Is there a way supervise such a server even if there isn't a specific solution for Exchange Servers. 




Yann Loukili

Microsoft Exchange monitoring
AppDynamics Team

Re: Microsoft Exchange monitoring

Hi Yann,


It seems like you are trying to monitor the Microsoft Exchange Windows services on the Windows Server 2012. We are not sure whether these services are .Net components.

If they are .Net processes then you can use the AppDynamics .Net Agent to configure them. However, the best way is to check to see if these services are .net components is by running the following command tasklist /m "mscor*". The output of the above command lists the processes that have DLLs starting with mscor*, indicative of .NET processes. Processes that are not on the list are not .NET processes and cannot be instrumented with the .NET Agent. Please refer to the following document link for more details  -


Please let us know if you have any further questions.




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Re: Microsoft Exchange monitoring

Hi Ashish, 


Rather than Knowing if I could monitor .NET services with AppDynamics (which I know is implemented in the application), my question was to know if there was a specific solution for Microsoft Exchange as it is a strategic and complex application. Some of your concurrents (Dynatrace and Exchange Reporter Plus being the biggest of them) promises include a built in support of Microsoft Exchange and that was why I asked that question.


Thanks to you,



Vaibhav Vir.Singh

Re: Microsoft Exchange monitoring


Any updates on this thread? Do we have monitoring solution for MS Exchange from Appdynamics?