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Issue while configuring dotnet agent with controller as on Premises.


I have successfully Installed APM Controller setup in one machine also installed Dotnet Agent setup in a Web Front end server.


On Agent Configuration utility>> When Controller Name and Port provided trying to connect i am facing issue with error message


"Remote machine connectivity failed"


Is this a firewall issue? Please advice


I will share Snapshots if required.



Hi Abhijit,


While running the .Net agent install in the controller config page there is a buttun "Test the Connection" which will check the pre-check; else from the server perform the telnet to the controller on the port it is running using command  " telent <controller host name> <Controller port>" from windows command line.


This way you can confirm if it is a connectivity issue.




Re firewall, is the server where your controller is installed behind your local area network, run the steps above and you should be able to verifiy connetivity and confirm if its firewall issue.

Thanks for your reply.


I tried to telnet Controller machine: port through agent(Server under Test). Following error received.


Could not open connection to the host with port num "XXXX".

Is this a  issue where firewall stopping?


How do I need to proceed?


Following are the steps that I tried as of now.


1) I have installed AppDynamics Controller  Setup into a Machine. User access given-Administrator

2) Agent Set up is installed under  Sharepoint Web Front End Server

note:: In this server multiple sharepoint applications running.

3) On Agent Config Utility: Provided Controller Machine Name:: Port

Checked "Test Connection" but its failing.

Do I need to access controller and Agent machine through same Admin User?



You mentioned that you are not able to telnet from agent to controller machine:port and it failed.
If the above is correct then you have a firewall issue.


Hi Abhijit,


For the agents to send data to controller you should have connectivity from your agent to controller on the controller listernng port by default 80/443. so make sure you have your network team to open port 80/443 (if that is the port you used) from your application server(monitored server) to the controller server unidirectional.

This would solve your problem.




For On Premises installation By default Controller Primary Port is 8090 to which agent listens.


Under Windows Firewall>.Advanced Settings>>Creating Inbound rule>> Required port. Does this solve the problem.


Or Port opening has to be done by Network Administrator?


Also Are these below ports has to be enabled?





You only need 8090 accessible from the agent to the controller.
Agents act as HTTP clients, Controller being the server (it listens on port 8090).


When you talk about the Windows firewall are you talking about the Controller windows or the agent windows server? The one to be configured is the Controller one's.


But yes, you need to check with your network / security team if there's a firewall in between the 2 servers (agent and controller).




I will check with network team on this. But one more thing.Anyway have cross checked telnet not working from Agent Machine(Windows Server) machine.


My on Premises Controller installation successfully but Through web browser when tried to invoke Controller application it is refusing. I provided correct URL




Machinename--Controller setup installed and services up and running. Any other services i need to start in Services.msc


note:: Currently Setup i have installed is out of evaluation period. Trial Period 15 days expired. Is that causing any issue?

Even with a Lite version (when out of the license), you should be able to connect to the controller.

Have you tried locally on the Controller server to do the telnet / use the local browser?