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Instrumenting Multiple applicaiton in single server

Hello ., I've scenario of instrumenting single IIS which host two different applications ., so if i want to monitor those two applications, how will the IIS instrumentation get classified, to identify two applications as seperate individual and monitor it. Basically i need to know, how should i instrument IIS which host multiple applications . ? Could someone please help me on this. Regards, Soundarajan




I assume that each app has its own site?

If you you can configure them to report to 2 different application based on the app pool and site.


The following URL should help you:




I have read the instructions on but they aren't clear on what is necessary to support multiple applications under the same IIS website. I have one default website, with four app pools and web applications under it. I want to monitor each app pool separately. The sample configuration looks incorrect in the documentation above, there are duplicate values for the application elements under the controller node and also duplicate entries for application elements under the IIS node. It's hard to tell what is required for my scenario and the agent UI interface doesn't seem to support this. 


Has anyone instrumented each app pool under IIS to a different AppD application? Any help is appreciated.

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Corey,


  So what you can do is apply Manual Configuration using AppDynamics Agent Configuration Tool to configure each of this individual IIS sub-applications. This is for the case when you need to configure the application and not application pool


Once completed you need to do two changes


1) Change <application> tag to following to reflect multi-app configuration



<application name="ApplicationName1" default ="true"/>
<application name="ApplicationName2"/>
<application name="ApplicationName3"/>



2) Then add  controller-application attribute for each application with an appropriate value from step 1)



<application path="/" site="TravelSearch" controller-application="Application1">
<tier name="Travel Search Web"/>



In case you want to instrument application pools directly then you have to edit the config.xml directly and add the configs like below


<application-pool name="TravelAPIPool" controller-application="Travel Search Engine">
<tier name="Travel APIs"/>








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