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Azure Cloud Service - No load detected / App agent status 0%


I have a problem much like this ticket:


I have unchecked the Azure web app checkbox, so the resolution does not work for me


I can see the Tiers & Nodes are reporting with a machine agent status of 100%. But the app agent status is 0%. The application dashboard says "No load detected for the time range".


What can we do to get AppDynamics working for us?


AppDynamics Team (Retired)



If we undferstand correctly, your node is registered under the machine agent tier. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Please validate if your application has contineous load. Are you able to remote login to VM where the role is present? If yes, please validate if you see the worker process associated with instrumented application is running.


Is this OWIN based web API that you re trying to instrument?

What is the agent version you are using?

Please zip and share the DotNetAgent folder from the VM?




Hi Ashutosh,

Thanks for your quick reply! The application has contineous load. The worker process is running on the VM. The application is a normal .NET web application without OWIN.


I have attached the DotNetAgent folder (d:\programdata\AppDynamics\DotNetAgent).


I see errors like these appear in the log folder:


2017-07-03 18:04:07.9800 552 AppDynamics.Coordinator 1 13 Error MachineAgentManager Metrics Error sending metrics - will requeue for later transmissionException: System.Exception: Connection back off limitation in effect:
at metrics)



Hi joris,


Thanks for providing the requested details.


From the provided logs, we observe that .net machine agent has reistered but we do not see any log entry for running worker process. Seems agent is not able to hook into the worker process and due to that apprlication process is not instrumented. We also see some connectivity issue in the logs.


To troubleshoot this issue further, could you please provide us the below details-


  1. From the logs, we see you have upgraded the .net agent from 4.2.15 to 4.3.3. As you are installing the agent through Nuget packege, have you uninstalled previous agent nuget package first before installing this new latest Nuget packege ? Please verify and confirm.
  2. After installing nuget packge on solution and delpoying the agent on the azure instance, have you restarted the WebRole application? If not, please restart the WebRole/Worker role application and then apply the continus load on the application and check the behaviour.
  3. For verifying the connectivity issue, Could you please perform the telnet the controller on specified port by using following command: telnet <controller name> <port> and update us the result.
  4. Also, please browse the controller URL on the agent box using the IE browser and confirm you are able to browse that ?

Please let us know, if it helps or you have any question.




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Hi Ashish,



I had first installed the 4.3 NuGet package, but did not get it working (same issue). So I tried the older version that had 'Azure Coud Service' in its title. This did not resolve the problem. Not being sure I had unchecked 'Azure Web App', I tried installing 4.3 again. I did remove the older NuGet package first.


I have just deleted my staging environment and redeployed, so to be sure there are no references to the 4.2 version. After giving it some load, I still see no requests being monitored in AppDynamics. I can confirm I can reach the controller URL from the webrole / instance and I can reach it through TelNet.






Hi joris,


Thanks for the update.


If i understand correctly, Currently, you have performed the below steps - 

  1. You have deleted the Staging environment WebRole first
  2. Then, you have un-installed the previous version of agent nuget package and installed the latest azure 4.3 aganet version package again on the solution and deployed the webrole.
  3. Then, after the deployment you have restarted the webRole application from the azure portal.

But still you are not able to see the metrics on the controller UI.


To troubleshoot further, please provide us the below details - 

  1. What is the .Net framework, you have used in your instrumented .net application.
  2. Please login to the WebRole VM and run the below tasklist command using command prompt with admin run as administrator. and provide us the output in private email.
    tasklist /m "mscor*"
    tasklist /m Appd*
    tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq w3wp.exe" /m
  3. Do, you have continuous load on the application or not. If not, please apply the continuous load on the application and check the behaviour.


Please let us know, if you have question.





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