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Azure App Service with AppDynamics (AppDynamics.WindowsAzure.SiteExtension 4.5)


I installed the AppDynamics extension from the Azure portal into my Azure App Service. I set up the required application settings per (Configure the agent using environment variables). Restarted everything but I do not see any applications in my AppD dashboard.But in tiers i am seeing only Daas with % in agent status. What should I do next?

Note - My organization already using Appd for monitoring onprem applications so i am using the existing Agent config in azure environment variables.





It won't show up as an application. It'll show up in your metric browser since the metrics are being sent via a machine-agent and not an app agent. In the Controller GUI, go to "Servers" and then "Metric Browser" on the left-hand side. Then extend out "Application Infrastructure Performance" > "Root" (assuming you didn't manually create new heiarchies) > "Individual Nodes" > (NODE NAME) > "Custom Metrics."


When building dashboards and things for these metrics you'll follow this same path.

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Thanks for your response.


When i checked Kudu Logs --> inside appdynamics folder --> AgentLog --> i am seeing following error 


2019-09-21 13:42:25.5433 13052 SnapshotUploader 1 13 Error ConfigurationChannel Error occurred while processing configuration request Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at AppDynamics.Agent.AgentOperations.Operations.LogCaptureOperation.LogCaptureOperation.GetOperationStatusUpdates()
at AppDynamics.Agent.AgentOperations.LogCaptureService.LogCaptureService.getOperationStatusUpdates()
at`2 status, IAgentOperationService service)
at appAgentConfigRequest)
at context)



Also you have mentioned that it won't show up in Application. So in controller GUI, under Businesstransactions and Database calls there will not be any traffic. For all those information i need to check only under  "Application Infrastructure Performance" > "Root" (assuming you didn't manually create new heiarchies) > "Individual Nodes" > (NODE NAME) > "Custom Metrics."


Thanks in advance.