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NET (Agent, Installation)

Anyone able to monitor .NET SignalR transactions/performance in Azure


Anyone able to monitor .NET SignalR transactions/performance in Azure

We recently stood up our first app in Azure but I came to learn that our developers are using SignalR for communication and page-to-page transitions so our AppD agent doesn't pick these up.  For the frontend of the app, in AppD all I see are calls to the /_Host segment and nothing else.


Has anyone else been able to monitor SignalR communications page views with the .NET core agent on Azure?

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Anyone able to monitor .NET SignalR transactions/performance in Azure

Hi There


I don't think SignalR is supported OOB.


However please enable the find entry points node setting on the relevant nodes, to log the potential entry Classes/Methods.


Drive load through the application for 15-30 minutes, then view the Business Transaction Log, which should output some candidates for creation of POCO entry points.

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Thank you for the response.  It did help to see how the code flows and once I saw that I was able to do a class/method instrumentation of the calls that were missing and they showed up as I wanted.


On a side note, this process that I had to follow didn't get a lot of fans from our development team.  They indicated that we shouldn't have to know the class/methods for their code for it to be instrumented.  While I see where they are coming from, if SignalR isn't supported right now we have to do it.