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.net microservices license count for Windows host post-app deployment


I am trying to figure out exactly how many licenses do I need when using .net core (microservices) agent on a windows host. So, having several APIs on the same IIS, all using .net core and these APIs are already up and running.


By reading through your docs and knowledge base, I am not able to precisely get the answer. Here's the thing. In all of your license documents you are not mentioning windows host deployment types. Take a look at this:

In the case of Microservice Agents (including .NET), 5 Agents consume 1 APM_ANY license. As mentioned in our License Entitlements and Restrictions documentation, a Microservices product has the same entitlement as 5 APM Any Language units, restricted to use with the following: 

  • Docker Containers
  • all CloudFoundry-based providers
  • Redhat OpenShift
  • Heroku Dyno
  • Microsoft Azure App Services (including Azure WebApps, Azure WebJobs and Azure API Apps)
  • Microsoft Azure Service Fabric


No Windows there. So, I am afraid that each and every deployment of .net core agent will take one license which will be a disaster compared to your regular .net agent license model. Imagine 10 different APIs on a single IIS. In the regular model, this would consume just one agent. If what I copied earlier in the text is true for this case as well, then I would need just two licenses which is also fine. But if I have to have 10 licenses for 10 APIs... forget it...

.net microservices license count for Windows host post-app deployment
AppDynamics Team

Hi Bojan,


Your setup doesn't need microservices licensing, as you are using full Windows OS.

This statement applies to your situation: "Instrument an unlimited number of CLRs on a single Windows OS instance; snapshots are retained for 14 days unless archived".


Sorry for confusion.





Great, thanks for the clarification!