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.net microservices license count for Windows host post-app deployment

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I am trying to figure out exactly how many licenses do I need when using .net core (microservices) agent on a windows host. So, having several APIs on the same IIS, all using .net core and these APIs are already up and running.


By reading through your docs and knowledge base, I am not able to precisely get the answer. Here's the thing. In all of your license documents you are not mentioning windows host deployment types. Take a look at this:

In the case of Microservice Agents (including .NET), 5 Agents consume 1 APM_ANY license. As mentioned in our License Entitlements and Restrictions documentation, a Microservices product has the same entitlement as 5 APM Any Language units, restricted to use with the following: 

  • Docker Containers
  • all CloudFoundry-based providers
  • Redhat OpenShift
  • Heroku Dyno
  • Microsoft Azure App Services (including Azure WebApps, Azure WebJobs and Azure API Apps)
  • Microsoft Azure Service Fabric


No Windows there. So, I am afraid that each and every deployment of .net core agent will take one license which will be a disaster compared to your regular .net agent license model. Imagine 10 different APIs on a single IIS. In the regular model, this would consume just one agent. If what I copied earlier in the text is true for this case as well, then I would need just two licenses which is also fine. But if I have to have 10 licenses for 10 APIs... forget it...


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Bojan,


Your setup doesn't need microservices licensing, as you are using full Windows OS.

This statement applies to your situation: "Instrument an unlimited number of CLRs on a single Windows OS instance; snapshots are retained for 14 days unless archived".


Sorry for confusion.




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Great, thanks for the clarification!