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What if License file get changed, will it change the account access key as well


Hi team,


We want some clarifications on following points:

1. Is account access key map with Appdynamics license file Or is it mapped with controller.

2. if we change the license file, will it change the account access key as well.

3. Account access key is mapped with all installed agents,do we need to change the account access key in every agent configuration file individually.

4. Do we need the restart of all application agent.

5.If account access key is mapped with license file, is there any way to change the license file with existing account access key so that we can ignore the application restart just because of license .






In 4.3.5, we introduced license scopes.   You can create a "pool" of different account access keys which you can scope to an individual application.


If you don't use this feature, then you have a single account access key which won't get overwritten with a new license file.   The account access key is unique to the controller.


Does that help!?

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Thanks, @Javier.Hill.


Hi @deepanshu.arya


We would also recommend referring to the following KB articles to learn more about AppDynamics licensing:

What are license rules and how do they work?

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Can you guide me to resources for licensing-related questions?


Hope it helps.