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Unable to open Support Portal


Unable to open Support Portal

Hi, i am unable to log into Support Portal.  My company has a contract with AppDynamics and i am currently unable to open a support ticket because whenever i try to open Support Portal i get:

Permission Denied

You are trying to access an AppDynamics Resource but you don't have the required permissions. Sign in with a different user account.


Can someone from the company help me?  I don't have a phone number i can call, there is no live support chat option and clearly i am not able to open a support ticket.  Any help would be appreciated.


I wasn't sure where to post it, Licensing board seemed to be the closest thing.

Unable to open Support Portal
Community Manager

Re: Unable to open Support Portal - Unable to File a Support Ticket

Hi @Karl.Stankiewicz @Marco.Isabella-

Please contact your AppDynamics Administrator(s) to gain additional access or to have an AppDynamics support ticket filed on your behalf. If you do not know who to contact within your organization, we recommend starting with your Company's IT department.  To protect privacy we are not able to share names and email addresses with you. 


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Re: Unable to open Support Portal

Hi, yes that would be very helpful. Also are permissions to access support forum related to controllers? I'm a super admin for my company's controller yet i can't access the support forum.

Re: Unable to open Support Portal



I have the same issue and I really need to contact the support. Not sure who is my company admin. Can you please help?