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Why does using a reverse proxy between the Browser and the Controller cause encoded slashes errors?


This article is intended for anyone who is attempting to view the Controller from a browser via an Apache Reverse Proxy and encounters an error due to encoded slashes.  The problem seems to occur when accessing the Server Tabs, which as of the 4.3 Controller, contain encoded slashes within the URL sent back to the browser. Clicking on the URL will generate an error that looks similar to the following:


The requested URL The requested URL /controller/restui/userPreferenceManager/setGeneralUserPreference/SIMMachinesListController-stateId--SIM_MODE-4.3-metricToggles/[{"selected":false,"label":"Availability (%)","type":0,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|Machine|Availability"},{"selected":false,"label":"Availability (%) Trend","type":1,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|Machine|Availability"},{"selected":true,"label":"CPU (%)","type":0,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|CPU|%Busy"},{"selected":true,"label":"CPU (%) Trend","type":1,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|CPU|%Busy"},{"selected":false,"label":"CPU Steal (%)","type":0,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|CPU|%Stolen"},{"selected":false,"label":"CPU Steal (%) Trend","type":1,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|CPU|%Stolen"},{"selected":true,"label":"Disk I/O (%)","type":0,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|Disks|Avg IO Utilization (%)"},{"selected":true,"label":"Disk I/O (%) Trend","type":1,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|Disks|Avg IO Utilization (%)"},{"selected":true,"label":"Disk Usage (%)","type":0,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|Volumes|Used (%)"},{"selected":true,"label":"Disk Usage (%) Trend","type":1,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|Volumes|Used (%)"},{"selected":false,"label":"Load - 1min","type":0,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|Load|Last 1 minute"},{"selected":false,"label":"Load - 1min Trend","type":1,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|Load|Last 1 minute"},{"selected":true,"label":"Memory (%)","type":0,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|Memory|Used %"},{"selected":true,"label":"Memory (%) Trend","type":1,"metricName":"Hardware Resources|Memory|Used %"},



To avoid this issue, add the Apache directive to the httpd.conf file, and restart the Apache server. You'll need to use version 2.2.18 or later of Apache.


AllowEncodedSlashes NoDecode


Please note that this is an Apache-specific issue and is not related to our Controller or the Apache Agent.  We are providing this information only to help assist you with getting past the issue; we do not offer Apache configuration or tuning support. Please contact your local system adminstrator for assistance.


For additional details, we recommend you review the Apache documentation at


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