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Why do I intermittently see the error "No matching license rule found" or "Missing access key."?



Reason: Missing access key. // Controller version 4.5+ onwards 
Reason: No matching license rule found // Controller version 4.3 and v4.4



Analysis and Solution

No matching license rule found/ Missing access key. can be seen in two cases: 


1. There may be an actual license rule mismatch or typo in the configuration. 

  • If the agent tries to connect using an incorrect configuration, application name, or accessKey, you may encounter this error message.
  • Please note that there is a low probability that this is the issue. 


2. There are missing auth headers when connecting to the Controller.

  • This is most likely the reason you are encountering this error.
  • We are unable to determine what triggers this BUG. Controller upgrades is one reason, but we have seen cases where an agent running for months is affected suddenly without any change on the Controller/agent side.
  • 2 cases for impacts-
    • No major impact - Notification spams only, with no drop in metrics/metric gaps. 
    • Major impact - Drop in metric gaps/snapshots.
  • You will see logs in agents such as -
    • [AD Thread Pool-Global0] 05 Oct 2018 06:19:20,914 ERROR ConfigurationChannel - HTTP Request failed: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
  • Resolution:
    • The notification itself will tell you the Application Name, NodeName, HostName to help you identify which agent is responsible. Add the property below as a JVM parameter to all agents less than version 4.4. 

    • Starting 4.4 release this property is enabled by default on agents.
    • If agent version is 4.4+ OR this paramater is already attached, please contact our Support team and attach the agent logs in Debug mode.
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