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AppDynamics Team


This issue is happening when the host's /tmp directory is noexec and the Events Service is not starting, throwing the following error:

[2018-07-13T14:18:55,672+02:00]  [ERROR]  [main]  [c.a.common.framework.AbstractApp]  Severe error occurred while starting application [events-service-api-store]. Shutdown procedure will commence soonjava.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /tmp/jna-3506402/jna1770418019150735408.tmp: /tmp/jna-3506402/jna1770418019150735408.tmp: failed to map segment from shared object: Operation not permitted



The solution is to add one of the options below to the events-service.vmoptions prior to initiating startup:





Try running the Events Service manually after this change using the command line to resolve this issue:

<events-service-home>/bin> start -p < file>
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