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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Updated 7/12/18



The EUM Server crashes with the following error in log files:
java.sql.SQLException: Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database!

Stack trace from eum-processor.log:

stack trace from eum-processor.log screenshot.png


1) One reason why this issue occurs is due to the complexity of the password used for the property onprem.dbPassword inside the file. This property is used to specify the user password to the EUM database.


2) Starting with the 4.4.x release, as EUM has its own database, this error can even surface when the EUM database is not running at all.



The solution to the first problem would be to use simpler passwords (e.g., without non-alphanumeric characters) for the property onprem.dbPassword.


Once the property above is modified with a simpler password, complete the following steps:

  1. Save and close the properties file.

  2. Restart the EUM server.


For the second issue, make sure that the database is started before starting the EUM server using the commands below:


cd <EUM_INSTALL_DIR>/orcha/orcha-master/bin
./orcha-master -d mysql.groovy -p ../../playbooks/mysql-orcha/start-mysql.orcha -o ../conf/ -c local


See our technical documentation for additional information on starting and stopping the EUM server and database.

Note: You will have to export the JAVA_HOME variable before running these commands.


If there is a need for a complex password, it can be done later using the encrypted password generated via below steps:

  1. Encrypt the new database password using the credential key that you enter during installation:

    • On Linux: 

      bin/ encrypt -storepass <plain_credential_key> -plaintext <New_DB_password>
    • On Windows:

      bin\eum-credential-key.bat encrypt -storepass <plain_credential_key> -plaintext <New_DB_password>

      The command prints out the encrypted form of the DB_password value you entered.

  2. Copy the output from the previous command to your clipboard. 
  3. Open bin/ for editing and replace the value of the onprem.dbPassword setting with the new encrypted password you copied to your clipboard. 
  4. Save and close the properties file.

  5. Restart the EUM server.
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