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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Installation and Upgrade: 

The new Enterprise Console automates the task of installing and administering the Controller and Events Service using both a GUI and a command line interface.

Enterprise ConsoleEnterprise Console



Horizontal Platform Scale:

Enterprise Scale enables very large applications that were previously split between multiple Controllers to be monitored by one Controller. This provides a more holistic view of the application within the AppDynamics iQ environment.


Federated Friendships allows you to unify your view of business transactions across AppDynamics accounts and even across Controllers.



Network Visibility:

Network visibility provides the correlation between the Application and Network metrics which simplifies the process of identifying and troubleshooting application performance problems contributed by network issues.

Network VisibilityNetwork Visibility


Universal Agent:

The Universal Agent allows you to easily deploy agents on machines with very little configuration and overhead and more easily manage runtime agents deployments and updates.

Universal AgentUniversal Agent


APM Agent Enhancements: 


Additional features:


Known issues for 4.4 (check back for updates):


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Published 11/3/2017

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