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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Creating a Business Journey Dashboard

[Air-Date October 18, 2018]
run time: 60 min



The AppDynamics Business Journey takes the User Journey one step further...

In this session, @Paul.Saivetz covered:

• The benefits of BiQ and its ability to correlate real-time Analytics and Application Performance issues
• A demonstration on how to create a BiQ Business Journey
• How to correlate a true business journey, within one or more applications, end to end

The dashboard provides the end to end response time of the entire journey as well as how much time is spent at each step of the process, regardless how long the process takes to complete. We'll show you how this all works.

Resource links shared during the session:

Apply to Participate in the Transaction Analytics Beta Program: Agentless Analytics on SaaS
Get Started, Business iQ Tutorials
Previous BiQ technical sessions

Business iQ Forum

AppDynamics Team

A final correction for the Treemap widget values:  the value of each item is the dollar amount.  The dollar amount determines the relative size of each item.  Sorry about the confusion.

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