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[Technical Session] Monitoring Kubernetes in the Cloud on EKS, AKS, and GKE

Monitoring Kubernetes in the Cloud on EKS, AKS, and GKE

Air-Date August 2, 2018

Run Time: 60 minutes



Resource links>>

Source Code on GitHub: AppDynamics/AD-Capital-Kube

AppDynamics Product Docs - Kubernetes and AppDynamics APM

Technical Session: Monitoring Kubernetes Microservices Applications

Blog: Monitor Amazon EKS with AppDynamics

Blog: The AppD Approach: Monitoring Kubernetes Events

Kubernetes: Production Grade Container Orchestration

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS)

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine (GKE)


@Mark.Prichard and @Eric.Johanson take a look at a detailed example of a containerized application and how to successfully deploy it using Kubernetes to each of the three main container management services: Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).  

In this technical session, designed for operations teams who manage cloud native deployments,
we took an in-depth look at: How to deploy applications to the cloud with full Application Performance Monitoring of the application, container, and orchestration layers. Compared the experience of managing and monitoring applications using Kubernetes services between each of the “Big Three” (EKS, AKS, GKE). 

Shared best practices and design decisions that you should consider when moving services and applications to the cloud native space.


Q&A - To be posted soon, watch this space. Log in and subscribe to this post. 


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