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Sample custom dashboard for Development teams

This sample dashboard is targeted primarily for Development teams, enabling them to track the performance status of their code broken down by Business Transactions.

DevDashboard.jpgUpdated image and download 8-1-17



To use this dashboard layout, import the attached JSON file and follow the instructions to rebind similar metrics in another application.


  1. Login to your Controller UI (3.9 and higher).
  2. Navigate to the Custom Dashboards list screen.
  3. Import the JSON file.
  4. Rebind the metrics which correspond to your particular application. To do this, you edit each displayed widget in the dashboard, select your application and then confirm or select the metric for that display. 

If you need detailed instructions for working with custom dashboard widgets, please visit and view Create Custom Dashboards.


For more information on export/importing dashboards, please visit Import and Export Custom Dashboards with the UI.


Want to learn more? Sign up for the "Custom Dashboards Best Practices and How-to Walkthroughs" self-paced course through AppDynamics University.


Return to Dashboard Do's and Don'ts.


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In Dashboard & reports, I am configuring a custom widget. In this process some fields are not extracted, then I am trying to configure through Edit Source Rules at the left bottom in Fields tab. when I click on source rule I am getting the following error:

Extract Fields

HTTP Status 400 - Bad Request type Status report messageBad Request description request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect.


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can you help me?