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thumbnail_DevOps Toolchains_2023 1025.pngIntegrate AppDynamics with the CICD pipeline using queries that retrieve metrics to contain potential change failures and protect the business from their impact


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Video Length: 2 min 22 seconds 

How can continuously querying *Cloud Native Application Observability using Flagger (a feature management tool) give you the key metrics you need to see whether your production environment change was successful?

In this demonstration, see how Flagger—a feature management tool—can continuously query Cloud Native Application Observability for the key metrics you can use to determine whether a change was successful. Use AppDynamics’ free plugin to view these metrics in a Grafana dashboard.

When Cloud Native Application Observability indicates increasing error rates after a change, see how to roll back the change or turn off the feature flag.


As of November 27, 2023, the Cisco Full-Stack Observability (FSO) Platform is now the Cisco Observability Platform, and Cloud Native Application Observability is now Cisco Cloud Observability powered by the Cisco Observability Platform. These name changes better align our products with the Cisco portfolio and with our business strategy.


Additional Resources 

Read more about the free Grafana plugin in the AppDynamics Blog 

Learn more about Anomaly Detection in the documentation, including 


About presenter Charles Lin

Charles Lin, Cisco AppDynamics Field Domain ArchitectCharles Lin, Cisco AppDynamics Field Domain Architect

Charles is a Field Domain Architect at Cisco AppDynamics. He joined Cisco as a Senior Sales Engineer in 2019. Since then, he has helped large enterprises and financial sector customers improve their monitoring practices.  

As a Field Domain Architect, he focuses on Cloud Native and Open Telemetry best practices and helping fellow team members overcome technical challenges. He holds multiple patents in the area of IT Monitoring and Operations and is a certified Cisco DevNet Associate. 

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