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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

In December, v23.12 enhancements included Cisco Cloud ObservabilitySaaS Controller and Agent enhancements, and On-premises Controller  upgrades.

Product name change announcements 

As of November 27, 2023, the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform is now the Cisco Observability Platform and Cloud Native Application Observability is now Cisco Cloud Observability powered by the Cisco Observability Platform. These name changes better align our products with the Cisco portfolio and with our business strategy. 

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What new product enhancements were released in December 2023?

TIP | This article provides product enhancement highlights, organized by product. Each product section below includes a link to its corresponding Release Notes page. When available, links to the specific release version are also included.

 Cisco Observability Platform enhancement highlights
Formerly Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform

NOTE | In addition to the following highlights, find the complete v23.12 Cisco Cloud Observability Release Notes in the documentation 

Log Collector

Now, the Log Collector supports TLS protocol version 1.3 by default. To collect logs from a different TLS protocol, see: 

 See the changes related to advanced format deployments on Kubernetes clusters (filebeatYaml) collectors-values.yaml in Log Collector Settings - Advanced YAML Layout. 

NOTE The Log Collector running on Windows-backed Kubernetes nodes no longer supports x386 architecture. 

v23.12 Cisco Observability Platform Release Notes

For complete release details, see:

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Cisco Cloud Observability enhancement highlights
Formerly Cloud Native Application Observability prior to November 27, 2023

NOTESee the Cisco Cloud Observability v23.12 Release Notes page for a complete list of enhancements in December 2023.



All system components and collectors, along with all communication within the platform, now use the TLS protocol version 1.3 by default. (GA v23.12.14)

Anomaly Detection

On the entity-centric page, the anomaly status is displayed as unknown when data is unavailable for anomaly evaluation. (GA v23.12.14) 

Cloud Service Expansions

AWS: Cisco Cloud Observability now supports monitoring the following Amazon Web Services (AWS) services: 

  • AWS Certificate Manager 
  • AWS Config 
  • AWS Direct Connect 
  • Amazon DynamoDB 
  • Amazon ElastiCache 
  • Amazon MQ 
  • Amazon Route 53 

GCP: Cisco Cloud Observability now supports monitoring the following Google Cloud Platform™ (GCP) services: 

  • GCP API Gateway 
  • GCP Cloud Spanner 
  • GCP Data Flow 
  • GCP Filestore 
  • GCP Virtual Private Cloud 

License Consumption

Visualize and meter MELT data and token usage  
Visually evaluate the monthly capacity units of MELT data ingested by the FSO Platform against the purchased SKU amount to understand usage limits.

Module Enhancements 

Cisco Secure Application


The release introduces business transaction context to business risk factors, a new Detail View on the Vulnerabilities page for tracking entities affected by vulnerabilities, and a new Image page for monitoring vulnerabilities impacting each image.

In addition to the Release Notes, see Using Business Metrics on Cisco Cloud Observability Platform in the Knowledge Base. 

Smart Agent

Smart Agent 
The Helm chart deployment of the Smart Agent now automatically adds OPTIMIZER_ID and OPTIMIZED_WORKLOAD_NAME labels to help in tracking and troubleshooting Application Resource Optimizer issues by identifying objects created by ARO.  

Application Resource Optimizer (ARO)  

  • New YAML resource configurations, including auto-generated YAML snippets with optimized resource configurations, can be copied and applied to your workload environment. 
  • The Helm chart deploying the Smart Agent will automatically apply labels to facilitate tracking and troubleshooting issues with the ARO. 
  • ARO requirement change: The observed minimum of Kubernetes workloads pods over the previous seven days of metrics history increased from three to five.

v23.12 Cisco Cloud Observability Release Notes


For complete release details see AppDynamics Cloud 23.12 Release Notes 

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AppDynamics APM Platform

Agent enhancement highlights

NOTE | See the full 23.12 Release Notes  for a complete, ongoing, and sortable list of Agent enhancements

Analytics Agent 

Configures the TLS version for agent to Controller and Event Service communications. Upgrades to several third-party components. (GA 23.12, December 14, 2023)

iOS Agent 

Offers compatibility support with Alamofire and includes minor bug fixes. (v23.12.0, GA December 6, 2023) 

Java Agent

Adds the option to associate error detection methods, log messages, and HTTP codes with business transactions, provides support for JDK21, and fixes some bugs. (v23.12.0, GA December 20, 2023) 

Machine Agent

Supports excluding Docker Container networks, fixes some bugs, and upgrades to logback-classic. (v23.12.0, GA December 20, 2023) 

Xamarin Agent

Includes stack trace support for hybrid applications built using Xamarin, segregating the hybrid stack trace as native and Xamarin. (v23.12.0, GA December 21, 2022) 

v23.12 AppDynamics SaaS Agent Release Notes

Agent Release Notes


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SaaS Controller enhancement highlights

NOTES |See the AppDynamics v23.10 SaaS Controller Release Notes page for the complete October 2023 enhancements. No SaaS Controller enhancements were released in November.


Infrastructure-based Licensing (IBL) usage details are now shown by default on the Configuration page. To hide IBL usage details, set the CONFIG_EXCLUDE_ANALYTICS_LICENSE_USAGE flag to false. See Collect Transaction Analytics Data. (GA v22.12, Released December 21, 2022) 

Alert and Respond

When you configure action suppression for servers, you can now select object scope by servers and server subgroups. (GA v22.12, Released December 21, 2022)

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On-premises enhancement highlights

NOTE |See the On-premises Platform Release Notes page for the complete December 2023 enhancements.

Agent Management

The release introduced a Smart Agent, which allows bulk operations and provides a command line utility—Smart Agent CLI for buildtime workflows. (v23.11.0, GA December 5, 2023) 

Agent Management can now be administered in the Enterprise Console, and all installed agents can be viewed on the Agent Management tab in the Controller UI. (V23.11.0, GA December 5, 2023) 

Browser Real User Monitoring

Speed Index metric can now be enabled when configuring the JavaScript Agent. This metric evaluates page load performance. (v23.11.0, GA December 5, 2023) 


A number of Controller components were upgraded. In addition the Linux Kernel was removed, and Jetty replaced the GlassFish server.  

NOTE: Configuration changes are required due to this switch. See the Release Notes and Port Settings (v23.11.1, GA December 13, 2023) 

The TLS version was upgraded to 1.3. See End of Support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 (v23.11.0, GA December 5, 2023) 

Dash Studio

You can now enable ThousandEyes access in the administration page, to allow users to visualize ThousandEyes data along with application data on the dashboard created in Dash Studio. (v23.11.0, GA December 5, 2023) 

End User Monitoring


The Controller UI now displays the EUM Data in milliseconds. This feature can be enabled via a setting. (v23.11.0, GA December 5, 2023) 

Enterprise Console

Administering Fleet Management (Agent Management) is now supported. (v23.11.0, GA December 5, 2023) 

Events Service

Events Service data can be migrated from 4.5.x to 23.x using a single node. It also upgrades Elasticsearch from 2.x to 8.10.x version. (v23.11.0, GA December 5, 2023)

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Where can I find ongoing information about product enhancements? 

The following links show the most up-to-date product information. 

Documentation by product Latest information

Cisco Observability Platform 

Cisco Cloud Observability 

AppDynamics SaaS  

AppDynamics On-Premises 

SAP Monitoring using AppDynamics 

  • Latest Release Notes 
    Resolved Issues and Improvements are listed in the month’s Release Notes when there are items to report

Accounts and Licensing 

Advisories and Notifications

Changes on the Documentation Portal 

In December, there were a number of enhancements to Cisco Cloud Observability documentation. The team has updated its information architecture for an easier, more organized user experience. You’ll also find new content. Check the Release Notes for a complete summary. 



ADVISORY | Customers are advised to check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Tenant Compatibility documentation.

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