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AppDynamics Team

For users who have reviewed the Confirming Backend Discovery and Instrumentation article, some JDBC database or remote service database calls may be missing from the Controller UI


One potential cause could be when an Agent detects an API exit call/backend class and method that is supported out of the box as part of instrumentation, but the parent API is part of discovered Business Transactions (BTs).




class4.method4 is an exit call.

=> Class2.method2
=> com.userapp.Class4.method4
=> Class3.method3
=> Class5.method5
=> Class6.method6


As a solution, a user can define custom POJO rule on the parent class API (in the above example, class2.method2 or class1.method1).


However, if the user does not know the details of the parent API stack (in the above example, no details on class2.method2 or class1.method1) use the following node property:


name: debug-interceptors
type: string
value: com.userapp.Class4/method4

Note: Add to only one node instead of tier if not using a cluster environment.


This node property will return the reverse code stack in the Agent logs once the load is made with the node property in place.


The next step would be to share these Agent logs with the support team who can suggest the right POJO entry point based on the stack dump output.



Note: The example node property will result in more logging in the Agent logs; therefore, the node property should be removed from the UI after about 5 minutes of load.

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