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AppDynamics Team

The Machine Agent can register to the controller in 2 ways:

1. Machine Agent with Basic enabled (sim-enabled = False)

For this configuration, you have 2 choices:

  1. Let the Machine Agent create a dummy application. The Machine Agent can create a dummy application by passing the below flags in <MA-Home>/conf/controller-info.xml

    This will create a dummy application for you on the controller.

  2. Install a Machine Agent with the same <unique-host-id> as an Application agent (Java agent). This will correlate and have the Machine Agent report under the Application Tab.

2. Machine Agent with sim-enabled set to true.

Screenshots for Reference

Machine agent reporting with <sim-enabled> set to falseMachine agent reporting with <sim-enabled> set to false

Machine Agent reporting with sim set to trueMachine Agent reporting with sim set to true

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