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AppDynamics' offers initial Oracle Java 14 Beta build certification test results with Java Agent v20.3.0


AppDynamics Java Agent v20.4.0 has been certified for AdoptOpenJDK,
Azul Zulu Open JDK, Oracle, and Open Source Open JDK.  
See Java Supported Environments and watch this space for further updates


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Since September 2017, the Java roadmap includes LTS releases every 3 years in September with incremental releases in March and September, each with a 6 months support window.


For AppDynamics, supporting a new Java version includes 2 aspects:

  • Agent certification on the new release
  • Product enhancements to leverage platform new capabilities. .


AppDynamics Java 14 Support

We intend to support Oracle Java 14 as soon as possible. The Java 14 beta drop passed all the validation tests with our publicly available Java Agent v20.3.0. Depending on further testing, we might announce formal Java 14 support with this 20.3.0 release or the 20.4.0 one currently scheduled for the 3rd week of April 2020.


Java 14 Beta build test results

Below is a representative sample of the initial validation tests conducted with the Java 14 Beta builds and their individual results. In summary, all these initial tests have passed successfully with Java 14 Beta builds.




Application startup and Agent Registration


Simple Servlet Application deployed in Tomcat 9

Pass, verified for its startup, monitoring and metrics flow

POJO application
on AppDynamics Controller v20.3.0

Pass, verified the exchange of agent configurations with:

  • Controller
  • Flow map diagrams
  • Metrics
  • Snapshots capture

Agent Logs

Pass, no errors or exceptions occurred


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