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AppDynamics Team


The AppDynamics Domain1 Service log (located in <Controller_Home>\appserver\glassfish\domains\domain1\bin\AppDynamicsDomain1Service.err.log) is growing rapidly when a Controller is installed on a Windows Server.


There is a bug within Glassfish that causes this log file to grow rapidly.


This particular file contains the same information as the log files in <controller_home>/logs/server*.log files, so it is possible to rotate the Domain1 Service log without losing any data. 


Newer versions of Glassfish include an option to avoid writing any data to the Domain1 Service logs.



  1. Stop the Controller App Server
  2. Backup the Controller\appserver\glassfish\domains\domain1\bin\AppDynamicsDomain1Service.xml file
  3. Edit the XML file with the following changes:
    • Change from <logmode>reset</logmode> to <logmode>roll</logmode>.
  4. Start the App Server.


Note:  The log files are rotated with name .old not dynamically, but only on App Server start and stop. The logs will continue to grow until the next restart.


After these steps, the first time the App Server is restarted, the current log file will be renamed to .old. The next time the App Server is restarted, the .old file is purged and the current log file is renamed to .old.


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‎06-23-2017 09:43 AM
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