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AppDynamics Team

In order to view the SQL statements in transaction snapshots related to Postgres database, apply the following node properties. 


See: How to Add a Registered Node Property


Property: jdbc-connections
Value: org.postgresql.jdbc.PgConnection

Property: jdbc-statements
Value: org.postgresql.jdbc.PgStatement

Property: jdbc-callable-statements
Value: org.postgresql.jdbc.PgCallableStatement

Property: jdbc-prepared-statements
Value: org.postgresql.jdbc.PgPreparedStatement


This is pandiyan.

I just configured PostgreSQL database to AppDynamics Controller for Database Visibility.

In collectors i am able to see only the default database data instead of specific required database. How can i set that to see required database calls and queries.


Thank you,


AppDynamics Team

Hi @Pandiyan.Gunasekaran,

 Regarding your concern to data-based visibility using DBAgent, we request you log a support ticket to get assistance 



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