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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Troubleshooting various kinds of AWS extensions issues

Following are some of the troubleshooting steps for AWS extensions:




How do I troubleshoot connectivity issues for AWS extensions?

If you are facing connectivity issues for your AWS extensions, then you can try executing the “get-metric-statistics” call from the same host using AWS CLI. 


You can install AWS CLI on the host where your Machine Agent with AWS extension is running. Once you have installed and configured AWS CLI, you can execute the “get-metric-statistics” call to test connectivity.



NOTE | that AWS extension does not support Assume roles-based authentication.


How do monitoring type settings affect AWS extensions?

Verify that type of monitoring enabled on cloudwatch for a service is the same monitoring type enabled in your AWS extension. You can enable “Basic” or “Detailed” monitoring by configuring the following flag in the extension's config file.


cloudWatchMonitoring: "Basic"


Basic” monitoring will fire CloudWatch API calls every 5 minutes. On the other hand, “Detailed” monitoring will fire CloudWatch API calls every 1 minute. By default, “Basic” monitoring is enabled for all AWS extensions.


What should I consider about metrics querying window settings?

Sometimes after providing all configurations correctly, you may observe that metrics for AWS extension are still not visible on the controller. 


One reason for this could be because there is no metrics data available in AWS cloudwatch during the configured time range. The “metricsTimeRange” property defines the “startTimeInMinsBeforeNow” and “endTimeInMinsBeforeNow” and can be modified depending on when the data is available in cloudwatch.


      startTimeInMinsBeforeNow: 10
      endTimeInMinsBeforeNow: 0


The “startTimeInMinsBeforeNow” cannot be less than the “endTimeInMinsBeforeNow” or the extension will generate errors.


Where can I find advanced extension configuration and troubleshooting information?

The Advance extension configuration and troubleshooting Knowledge Base article contains detailed information related to features provided by AppDynamics Extensions. It can help you troubleshoot your extension and become more informed on how to use different functionalities provided through the various groups of extensions. 


NOTE | Not all features are available for every extension. 

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