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How do I submit a Support ticket? An FAQ

What do I need to know about submitting a Support ticket?


Where can I find answers before submitting a Support ticket?

How do I submit a Support ticket?

What are some tips for creating a Support ticket?

Who can submit a ticket?

Why am I receiving an error when accessing the Support Portal?

How do I choose the appropriate ticket priority?

How do I see all of my company’s tickets?


Where can I find answers before submitting a Support ticket?

AppDynamics has a wealth of documentation, articles, and training available. You may find the answer to your question in one of the resources available at


Learn more about these information resources in A Guide to AppDynamics Help Resources 


How do I submit a Support ticket?

  1. Go to and click Support Portal.
    AppDynamics-Signin-Support Portal@2x.png
  2. Sign in with your AppDynamics username and password.

  3. Click Create New Request.
    Support ticket #2.png

  4. Complete the form to submit your support ticket.

    See What are some tips for creating a support ticket? for details on what information to include in your ticket.
    Support ticket #3.png


What are some tips for creating a support ticket?

  • Select the correct component to streamline ticket routing and response
  • Select the appropriate priority based on the ticket priority table
  • Provide as much detail as possible
    • Subject should be meaningful and descriptive
      Unclear Subject: Clear Subject:
      Urgent Issue- Need Help! Controller not starting up after upgrade
    • Description should include
      • Issue/problem/question
      • Technical impact/background
      • Business impact/background
      • Reproduction steps
      • Actions you've already taken
      • Additional information that may be helpful in resolving your issue

    • Ensure that the ticket contains the correct version information for the agent and Controller as applicable
    • For agent-based issues, provide the log & configuration directories
    • For on-premises Controller issues, provide the log directory


Who can submit a support ticket?

Only users in your organization who are designated as Authorized Support Contacts have the ability to submit Support tickets. Your order form may indicate a maximum number of Authorized Support Contacts for your service level.


Company AppDynamics Administrators can designate these contacts in Portal. If you need the ability to submit Support tickets, work with your current Administrator to gain Portal access. Once you’ve been granted permission, you will receive an email notification with a link to Portal and account details. 
For detailed instructions, please see How do I manage Portal users (Admin access only)?


Why am I receiving an error when accessing the Support Portal?

If you clicked the Support Portal link and receive a “Permission Denied” error (see below), it means that you are not an Authorized Support Contact. Only Authorized Support Contacts can submit Support tickets.


Please contact your AppDynamics Administrator(s) to gain additional access or to have an AppDynamics Support ticket filed on your behalf. If you do not know who to contact within your organization, we recommend starting with your Company's IT department.



How do I choose the appropriate ticket priority?

The ticket priority is based on our SLA, which can be found in your EULA. The EULA is the definitive document with regards to SLAs. This table provides a more detailed summary of definitions for support categorization.






End User production application is down, or there is a major malfunction, resulting in a business revenue loss and impacting the End User application functionality for a majority of users. Furthermore, ongoing full loss visibility through AppDynamics monitoring because of agent or (SaaS or on-premise) controller issues.

Please note: When the ongoing production impacting issue has been resolved, the support team will downgrade the ticket to "High". The resolution of the production issue can be a fix or a workaround, where the workaround could also be to temporarily disable the agent(s). AppDynamics only tracks issues as urgent as long as the customer is directly impacted by it. As soon as the root cause has been addressed or a workaround has been implemented, the ticket's priority will be lowered to High.


Minor to significant loss of End User application functionality or performance, impacting the application functionality for a high number of users.

Additionally, any significant loss of visibility through the AppDynamics monitoring because of agent issues within existing functionality or because of (SaaS or on-premise) controller issues.


Non-critical loss or impact to the monitored (production or pre-production) application. Furthermore, feature request or request for assistance solving a specific monitoring needs.


Questions or issues with low priority


How do I see all of my company’s tickets?

From the My Activities screen of the Support Portal, click Organization requests.

Organization Support Tickets.png 


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