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AppDynamics Team (Retired)


On a Linux machine, using High Availability mode on the primary Controller or the single Controller on which service scripts are installed in non-High Availability mode, the command service appdcontroller start does not start the App Server. 


Error message:

Skipping appserver start - HA passive 
Watchdog disabled



The MySQL database root user password is not obfuscated and stored.


In the computer terminal use the following commands to prompt for the MySQL root password.


cd <controller_home>/HA

Enter the root password, then try the service appdcontroller start command again.


If unsure of the root password, enter the command <controller_home>/bin/ login-db and then enter the root password. If the password allows you to log in, it is correct.

Stop services:


service appdcontroller stop
service appdcontroller-db stop


Start services:


service appdcontroller start


See status:

service appdcontroller status


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