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AppDynamics Team (Retired)


The following error message can be found in the SSL-enabled debug logs for the EUM processor, while the processor is running and listening on port 7002: no cipher suites in common


The following error message appears on the <eum-server-host>:<eum-server-https-port>/eumaggregator/get-version page.






This root cause of this issue is a wrong entry type field value in the custom keystore for the EUM processor alias.



Alias name: 'eum-processor'
Creation date: 14 Mar, 2017
Entry type: trustedCertEntry



  1. Regenerate the keystore and copy into <eum installation directory>\eum-processor\bin 
  2. Make sure that the entry type value is not trustedCertEntry for the alias 'eum-processor' and it should be as "Entry type: PrivateKeyEntry".
  3. Restart the EUM Server. In your computer terminal, from the EUM processor directory use the following commands:
    1. bin/ stop
      bin/ start
  4. Verify the new SSL server cert works by opening the following page in a browser: https://<hostname>:7002/eumcollector/get-version
  5. Confirm a successful response.


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