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How do I calculate the size of an EUM JavaScript Agent beacon?



Use Chrome Developer tools to capture application traffic (particularly agent beacons) and use the following formula:



Content-Length / 1024 = Size in KB


Example HAR File captured from Chrome Developer Tools (please note the output of the HAR file has been truncated):

        "startedDateTime": "2016-02-01T10:27:51.549Z",
        "time": 26.043999998364598,
        "request": {
          "method": "POST",
          "url": "",.........
"name": "Content-Length",

              "value": "4861"
          "queryString": [],
          "cookies": [],
          "headersSize": 496,
          "bodySize": 4861,
          "postData": {
            "mimeType": "text/plain",
            "text": {"vr":"","dt":"R","rg":"0","es":[{"eg":"0","et":0,"eu":"0://1/2/#3","ts":1481639175118,"mc":{"PLT":1463,"FBT":401,"FET":1062,"DRT":899,"PRT":163,"DOM":1300,"ts":1481639175118,"PLC":1},"mx":{"PLT":1447,"FBT":11,"SCT":7,"DLT":0,"TCP":0,"RAT":4,"FET":1436,"DRT":1256,"DDT":1,"DPT":1255,"PRT":180,"DOM":1267,"ts":1481639175118,"PLC":1},"pr":"0://4/5/6/7/8","pl":"AppDynamics","rt":{"v":2,"ic":{"other":1,"script":8,"link":16,"css":5},"it":{"other":1,"script":2,"link":3,"css":4},"rc":{"other":1,"script":8,"css":18,"svg":1,"font":2},"rt":{"other":1,"script":2,"css":3,"svg":4,"font":5},.........}}}



1) Open a Chrome Browser window with Developer Tools 

2) Make sure Developer Tools is recording and begin to simulate some traffic to your application.

3) Click the network tab in Developer Tools and filter the list of request by name. Use the word "adrum"

4) Select one of the requests and expand the Request Headers section

5) Find the value for "Content-Length"




6) From example above you can see the Content-Length is 4861. Plug this value into the formula listed above.

4861/1024 = approximately 4.74 KB


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