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YT_thumb_purchasing abandonment.jpgUse automation capabilities to determine whether purchase abandonment occurs more with specific users, devices, or geographies 

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When it comes to e-commerce cart abandonment, it's important to be able to quickly find patterns in whether those abandoning share common characteristics—such as device type or geography—that could inform us of technical issues affecting the digital experience of a subset of customers.  

Cisco AppDynamics Experience Journey Map makes this task easy with a Sankey visualization diagram showing at-a-glance which site journeys have the most traffic. 



 Video Transcript


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When it comes to e-commerce cart abandonment, it's important to be able to quickly find patterns in whether those abandoning share any common characteristics—such as device type or geography—that could inform us whether there are technical issues affecting the digital experience for a subset of customers. The Experienced Journey Map in AppDynamics makes this task easy.  

The Experience Journey Map uses a Sankey diagram to visually indicate at-a-glance which journeys through the site have the most traffic. 


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Each step in a journey denotes the drop-off rate at that step, so we can understand immediately where most abandonment is occurring in each journey. Having identified that most abandonment is occurring during the checkout step, we click through the drop off rate and are automatically shown additional context to help easily and quickly determine if abandonment is disproportionately occurring for any specific set of users, device types, geographies and so on. 


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The session data for abandoning users is automatically aggregated and sorted in descending order, readily surfacing any patterns. We can easily see that users with iPhone 12 devices abandoned nearly twice as often compared to users visiting with any other device model. Further, we can also see that a higher proportion of customers in the U.S. are abandoning compared to other geographies. 


00:01:23 - 00:01:49 

We can review more detailed per customer insights by selecting the corresponding radio buttons to define the specific set of users we are most interested in and clicking analyze: AppDynamics loads of full session data that was captured for iPhone 12 users located in the U.S. We can use AppDynamics advanced analytics capabilities to further refine the set of abandoning customers, for instance by selecting a specific region within the U.S. to deeply understand how the customers of interest were interacting with the mobile app at each step in their journey. 


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This user experience data can also be correlated with the backend performance data for an end-to-end view of the user experience, from browser or mobile device through the network and into the backend services responsible for fulfilling the request. This allows ITPs to quickly rule out performance issues as being a factor in abandonment. 


Additional Resources 

Learn more about the Experience Journey Map in the documentation: 


About presenter Adam Smye-Rumsby

Adam Smye-Rumsby, Cisco AppDynamics Senior Sales EngineerAdam Smye-Rumsby, Cisco AppDynamics Senior Sales Engineer

Adam J. Smye-Rumsby joined AppDynamics as a Senior Sales Engineer in 2018, after nearly 16 years with IBM across a variety of roles — including 5+ years as a Senior Sales Engineer in the Digital Experience and Collaboration business unit. Since then, he has helped dozens of enterprise and commercial customers improve the maturity of their application monitoring practices.   

More recently, Adam has taken on the challenge of developing subject-matter expertise in the application security market.  He has contributed to two published books on the use of Java technology, and holds patents in AI/ML, Collab, VR and other technology areas. Reach out to Adam to learn more about how AppDynamics is helping Cisco customers secure their applications in an ever-changing threat landscape. 

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