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Custom Dashboard for Business Transaction Report

This sample dashboard provides key metrics for a Business Transaction, including Calls, Response Time, Errors, and Slow, Very Slow, and Stall count.




This dashboard is well suited to running as a scheduled report. The default time range is one day, but that can be modified. A sample generated PDF is attached.


To use this dashboard, edit the attached JSON file in a Text editor.


  1. Replace "Homepage" with your target Business Transaction name (17 occurences)
  2. Replace "SERVLET" with your target Business Transaction type ("WEB", "WEB_SERVICE", "ASP_DOTNET", etc.) (6 occurences)
  3. Replace "ECommerce-Services" with the Tier that includes the target Business Transaction (24 occurences)
  4. Replace "ECommerce" with your Application name (30 occurences)


Install the modifed dashboard configuration on your Controller.


  1. Log in to your Controller UI (4.1 and higher).
  2. Navigate to the Custom Dashboards list screen.
  3. Import the JSON file.
  4. If there are any errors, rebind the metrics which correspond for your particular application. To do this, you edit each displayed widget in the dashboard, select your application and then confirm or select the metric for that display. 

If you need detailed instructions for working with custom dashboard widgets, please visit and view Create Custom Dashboards.

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