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Servlet transaction's call graph is not shown


I manually triggered a diagnostic session to capture some snapshots of a servlet service deployed on WSO2 DSS. Snapshots are taken, but I'm not able to see the complete call graph, seeing only the first line. Execution time was 18 ms. See the below screenshot. What should I do to see the call graph?





I was able to get the call graph when the execution time is bit high, around 400ms. See the below screenshot. Question is, what should be the minium execution time inorder for appdynamics to be able to capture the call graph? I read somewhere it's only 10 ms, but it doesn't seem to be the case.



Business Transaction execution within a snapshot is profiled every 10ms, as you state.  In your 18ms snapshot, it is likely that whatever methods within the servlet ran did not individually last long enough to be detected by the profiler.


Given the short execution time I would imagine that whatever these methods are, they are unlikely to represent a performance problem.


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