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Regex for URL in Business Transaction

I want to define two separate BTs:

* BT-1:  URI Ends with:  hendelser/feed 

* BT-2:  URI matches Regex: hendelser\/[a-f0-9]+   (match for hexadecimal GUID)


My problem is that the Regex for BT-2 also consumes the URI for BT-1 which I definitely do not want, meaning that I cannot find a way to define a Regex that excludes the string "feed" when searching for a hexadecimal GUID.


I know some engines has support for Regex Conditionals which Appdynamics apparently don't support.  After spending too much time on this I wonder if some of you are more experienced than I am and could guide me on this matter?



Kjell-Einar Ofstad


The issue here is that "feed" is a valid hexadecimal number...


If you're sure that your application never needs to interpret 'feed' as anything other than the word feed, you should be able to manage this situation with rule priorities.


The higher priority rule should match "ends with hendelser/feed" and the lower priority one should be your regex match.


That way, exact feed matches will never hit the second rule.


The documentation shows you how to set rule priorites.


Warm regards,




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Ok, thanks Peter. I'll try it out and will see in a couple of days if it gives the wanted effect.


Best regards,


Kjell-Einar Ofstad