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Not triggering the custom action




When a health rule is voilated it is not triggering the custom action. But some times it is triggering the custom action and I am getting the necessary parameters into my script.


Can anyone please help me in this regarding.






When you say its triggering sometimes, does that mean after regular interval of times?

If you can share the screen shot of the health rule configuration, the action and the policy?

I suspect it may have to do something with the value of the time set to evaluate the health rule again.

Hi Gurmit,


No, It is not for regular intervels. For maximum times it is not firing the custom action.


Please find the attachment for configurations.




Can you also attach the logs form your cusotm action script?

Hi Gurmit,


Are you asking about controller logs (<controller home>/logs) or logs specific to custom action?


If it is specific to custom action can you please send the path where can I find the custom action logs.


Please find the attachment for controller logs.




custom action logs, can be found under the folder of your custom action

controller_home/custom/actions/action_folder/logs ?

Hi Gurmit,


Thanks for your information. But I am unable to find any log file in the actions folder.


Is there any other possibility to find that logs?


Thanks and Regards

Siva Mullapudi

You mentioned custom action, whchi action are you referring to?

You must have set up that action on your controller right?

can you provide ls -ltr output of <controller_home>/monitors/action

Not applicable

Hi Gurmeet,

How did you set custom actions on controller?

 I did tried as per doc, created custom action folder on appd home directory and places the xml as well but i am unable to see custom action on controller

Hi @Anonymous,


Was this the documentation you were looking at?


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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