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How do I create custom action in SaaS controller.


I want to trigger custom actions from Appdynamics to Ansible, This required to create custom action on controller but we have SaaS controller. Please advise how would I create the same.



Hi Ashish

I have not come across a good working example of this for executing something in Ansible. 
Way back when I last tried to get this working there was a limitation for custom actions that required the host server to be Linux. Not sure if that has been changed. 

Check out this link.

Prerequisites for Local Script Actions

  • The Machine Agent must be installed running on the host on which the script executes. To see a list of installed Machine Agents for your application, click View machines with machine-agent installed in the bottom left corner of the remediation script configuration window.
  • To be able to run remediation scripts, the Machine Agent must be connected to an on-premises Controller or to a SaaS Controller via SSL. Remediation script execution is disabled if the Machine Agent connects to a SaaS Controller on an unsecured (non-SSL) HTTP connection.
  • The Machine Agent OS user must have full permissions to the script file and the log files generated by the script and/or its associated child processes.
  • The script must be placed in <agent install directory>\local-scripts.
  • The script must be available on the host on which it executes.
  • Processes spawned from the scripts must be daemon processes.

I have YAML script, can i execute this using above steps?


Hi Ashish

The documentation only shows an example with a .sh script.
Please test your YAML script in a non-prod environment if possible and let us know how it turned out.