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Java app agent not working




I have a java app on which installed java app agent. the agent is installed & configured successfully but its status is 0 & didn't report any metrics when checked the log file of the app agent I found the following warning: [Log file information has been redacted for security reasons]


Can anyone help to overcome this issue?


^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez  to remove log file information. Please do not copy and paste or attach log files for security and privacy reasons



Can you try to increase your metric limits size for that agent? Try some huge number initially just to see if they'll start to report in, and then you can shrink and refine it later. This document should tell you the commands to increase the metric limits depending on your OS:


Another place to look is your license portal to make sure you don't have any rules in place preventing the agent from reporting in, similiar to this thread:


From Sankar: "Settings → Licenses → Rules in controller console. Make sure the Account usage is not 100% "



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Dear Eric, the metric of the limits was already configured and set to 20000, should I have to increase it ??!! also for the rule I checked it and it isn't fully used & it's only 80% utilization