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Java agent issue_ Metric Reporter Queue full Dropping metrics.


Hi ,

I have installed java agent for one of my application. Agent is not reporting, in the logs I found this message

" Metric Reporter Queue full. Dropping metrics.".Kindly assit me on this.




I am also facing the same issue. I am not able to attach the logs here. Can you please let me know the alternate way through which i can send you the logs. However i have attached snippet of agent logs where i see the error. [REMOVED- to protect privacy and security]


Kindly let me know the issue and steps to resolve the same.


I have agent running in the same machine where i have installed the controller, Kindlt let me know if i can use agent and controller in different machines,








I saw a smoking gun in the log you posted, before it was redacted.


It seems you have no available licenses in your controller:


"Agent license request denied.  Agent type: Java; Host: Chandu; Reason: No license available"


Warm regards,




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hy all,


i have same issue with the agent,

in my case, my application owner have 1 server with 4 jvm (jvm1, jvm3, jvm5, jvm7)


the problem in jvm1, where the jvm1 not connected with the controller, if any isssue with the network connection, should be all jvm cant connect with the controller.

how about my problem? somebody can help me?

Shandi aji P

Hi All,
I am also facing the same issue while installing my java agent. I am using app dynamics 4.5 version and i have license file configured with 2 apm agents and 2 machine agent. I have already configured .Net agent for one application and while trying to configuring java agent for another application controller is not communicating with agent. I checked both the controller machine and agent installed machine with ping command where both are communicating. I can see in agent log file ' Metric Reporter Queue full Dropping metric' message. Not sure which is blocking the controller to communicate with agent. Default rule i set 2 apm agent and 2 machine agents and application scope i have added both applications and respective server name. Please look into the issue and  do the needful. I have shared log information of agent.



^Edited by @Ryan.Paredez 

Log file removed for security reasons. We do not recommend anyone share log files publicly on the forums. 



Even I am facing the same issue. Kindly find the logs below:



^Edited by @Ryan.Paredez 

Log file removed for security reasons. We do not recommend anyone share log files publicly on the forums. 

Hi all,


I'm not sure if you got a solution for this issue "Metric Reporter Queue full Dropping metrics". If not, please check the Rules in the licenses tab of the controller console. If it's fully allocated, you may need to add some licenses or temporarily disable the rule. After doing so, kindly check if the application is reporting to the controller. It worked for me today. 


Settings → Licenses → Rules in controller console. Make sure the Account usage is not 100%