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Data Collectors


We have several HTTP SOAP calls to remote services related to queues.

In order to capture the information related to those SOAP calls (message, response, destination...), data collectors have been configured to capture the following String parameters:

  • Monitor.init(String, String, String, String, String, String)

However it would be nice being able to filter those information:


1) Some parameters contains a lof of lines, so Data collector is not able to display all of them:

... Max length limit [2000] reached, not all data points were captured]


How to obtain the missing information please?


2) Some results contains too much information:


    <ns0:NoBPMCaseResponse xmlns:ns0="" xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">


            <ns1:result xmlns:ns1="">OK</ns1:result>








Could it be possible execute to filter specific data? For example, being able to display only the documentId value.


Thanks a  lot in advance!



You need to configure the Data Collector to capture the fields you need.

In Specify the Data to Collect from this Method Invocation configure the fields that capture information

Use Collect Data From Method index 0
Use Getter Chain toString (). Split (<field to be captured>). [1] .substring (int / 0, int / 19)

In (int) give the total number of characters that are to be captured, in the example above, 20 characters will be capturedCapturar.PNG