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WebSphere MQ Extension for AppDynamics: Hardware Metrics with Client Mode

When we install the WebSphere MQ extension using Client Mode. This means we will install the Machine Agent with the MQ extension on different host server than the IBM MQ Server. Where do the Server metrics comes from? 


Option1: From the host where the Machine Agent is installed.


Option2: From the IBM MQ Server (extension will provide Hardware Metrics)



MQ V9 (and the MQ appliance) makes many statistics available through a pub/sub interface. One huge benefit of the pub/sub model is that this data can be collected without interfering with any other monitoring programs. An early prototype of the MQ exporter for Prometheus used the RESET QSTATS command just to prove the concept, but that is not a good command to use in general when you have any other tools that may also use it. Publish/subscribe gives easy isolation for monitors. 


Go here for the detailed documentation:

Here is the response from AppDynamics:

1 - The machine agent will report hardware metrics for the server on which it's running. 

That means if we install the Machine Agent with the MQ extension using Client Mode (install it in another server, not the MQ Server) we will have WebSphere MQ metrics from MQ Server (queues, queue manager, channels, etc) and Hardware metrics(CPU Usage,Memory, Disk I/O KB/s, Disk I/O Operations per sec, Network I/O KB/s, etc) from the server on which the Machine Agent is running. 


Hope it helps someone in the future