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Replacing SCOM agent with appdynamic server agent

New Member

Hi Expert,

I am looking for information on monitoring agent of microfocus and appdynamic server agent for server monitoring.

I was in one of the meeting and this point came up that appdynamic can do all the monitoring available on server but as per my understanding it can't do like

1. logfile


3.. automatic and operatior command

4. snmp

there are many more thing but these are top of my head.

Let me know your thought and any comparasion guide available.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @dharmendra.tripathi


Thank you for your interest in AppDynamics.


To learn more about AppDynamics offerings, we recommend the following resources:


Log Analytics

Monitor Events

Infrastructure Visibility

Network Visibility and Example Use case (talks about how AppD is superior to SNMP monitoring)


Queries such as a comparison metrics of MicroFocus and AppDynamics are not handled by the Community team. We recommend emailing your query to or using the Contact Us form for such information.


Hope it helps. Let us know if you have further queries.