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Monitoring of AWS managed services



I'm new to AppDynamics.

I have a number of AWS managed services that I need to monitor, including Lambda, S3, Kinesis Streams and the AWS ElasticSearch service.


I have seen that there are many extensions for AWS managed services, but they seem to require a Permenant server running a machaine agent running in a JVM, which a single tier configured for that machine agent. So to see a nice dashboard will all of my Lambdas on it, it looks to me as if I will need to put up and EC2 for each Lambda, which of course will mean my monitoring will cost me much more than the application I am trying to monitor. Please let me know if I am wrong about this.


I see you have a beta trial for monitoring Lambdas running JVM, but the start up times make JMV based applications impractial for Lambdas. We tried it with a SpringBoot app and ended up rewriting it in NodeJS.


I have been looking for a REST API to post monitoring events to the controller. This would be ideal for me, since all of the AWS managed services are monitored by CloudWatch out of the box, I can easily create alerts in my cloudformation and push them into an SNS topic and a Lambda could post them to the AppDynamics controller. But I can't find any documation on how to do this, so I assume it is not supported.


Does anyone have any better ideas?

Thank you



New Member

Have you considered using Syslink Xandria? I've lately came across their multi cloud solution and it looks solid.


I figure you already got an answer, but if you want to post events to the AppD API:


To push metrics to AppD you can do it two ways:


1. Create a custom extension to run commands and report the metrics:


2. Setup a listener that you can POST metrics to: